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A Little Salad?: Newsletter September 13, 2022

A Mighty Mixture

With cooler temperatures on the way, our greens are starting to make a comeback. For the last couple of weeks, we have been able to provide a small amount of Lettuce Mix and Mighty Mix at market, and this week we have a few VERY LIMITED number of bags on the online store. In the coming weeks we hope to keep offering more.

Lettuce and Mighty are the two tender green mixes we sell online and at our markets. Both are great for salads, sandwich toppings, and more but they each have different textures and taste.

Lettuce mix (pictured left) comes with a variety of different cut lettuces. If you’re looking for something fresh, crisp and sweet, we recommend the Lettuce Mix. 

Prefer something with a little more bite? Mighty Mix (pictured right)  is crisp and adds lots of flavor. This mixture consists of red mustard, arugula, Russian kale, endive, spinach and a small amount of lettuce. 
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Vegetable Share Contents:
Mighty Mix
Yardlong Beans

Bread Share: Walnut Raisins

Toasted walnuts and organic raisins in a rustic hearth loaf.
Animals of Great Day

Over the years, we have tried to raise several different species of animals. We even had ducks for a time! Today, however, we only have two species roaming our land: Our two Australian Shepherds and our Black Australorp chickens.

Our two dogs, Loki and Freyja, are now five years old and are actually litter mates! We brought them to the farm as a form of pest management. We had hoped they would prevent deer from eating our crops, but the large animals seemed too sneaky and difficult to keep an eye on during the hotter months. Now that we have a deer fence, the girls’ job is meant for smaller prey such as rabbits, mice and birds. Our team nicknamed them the “Great Day Guardians” in 2018. They are also great ambassadors on our farm, loving to watch over kids and beg for treats from our staff and visitors.

Our chickens are Black Australorps. Originating in Australia, the Black Australorps are known for being great egg layers as well as meat birds. A mature bird can lay 300 light brown eggs per year (ours do not lay this many). We keep about 40 birds beside our house in a large coup which opens to a run we create and are able to move using electric fencing. Moving the fencing allows them fresh ground to find grubs and other insects. We supplement our chickens’ diet with market leftovers, stale bread and produce from our farm that is not suitable for selling.