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A Local-er Loaf: Newsletter February 24, 2022

The Oven is Hot! We’re excited to be back with a small variety of bread at the market this Saturday, and from here on out we will be at the Lynchburg Community Market every Saturday. Michael has enjoyed the break from baking and has been able to test some new recipes and tweak some old ones.

We are especially excited to announce that we are now sourcing 100% regionally-grown, stone-milled flour! This has been a long-standing goal for our microbakery, but local flour can be challenging to bake with. We are very grateful to the folks at Deep Roots Milling/Woodson’s Mill for constantly improving their products and creating a selection of flours we can use as a foundation.

Stone-milled flour is more flavorful and nutritious than white flour since it is ground at a low temperature and includes much of the minerals and oils contained in the wheat berry’s germ and bran. The flour we use is fresh-milled every month.

The other thing about this flour is that it is about 5 times more expensive than white commodity flour and twice as expensive as the organic white flour we used to depend on. While we hate to do it, we are raising our bread and pastry prices accordingly. We know we run the risk of pricing out some of our regular customers, but believe in local sourcing and artisan methods as a way to transform our economy and the health of our community. We hope you will continue with us on this journey!Your Garden SeedsWe’ve recently re-stocked our supply of stone-milled grains, and organic garden seeds!

We carry seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, an amazing Virginia-based company that focuses on culturally significant varieties that are adapted to the Southeast. Founder Ira Wallace has authored several books that are useful guides to growers in our region, and is a prominent advocate for seed-saving as a way to preserve Black and traditional foodways.

We are happy if you decide to order them from their website, but if you don’t want to pay for shipping we are selling a wide selection of their garden seeds for $3 a packet. These go fast, so start planning your garden now! You can also pay with SNAP/EBT at the market for vegetable seeds.

New to the flour/grain selection are 5 lb. bags of bread flour and rolled oats.

All of this you can find both on our website and at the farmers market on Saturday.Shop Grain and FlourShop SeedsRolled oats and “Bloody Butcher” corn from Deep Roots Milling.