Who We Are

Fostering soil, wildlife and ecosystem health is at the core of our mission as a farm.



Great Day Gardens

Husband and wife Michael Grantz and Arden Jones founded Great Day Gardens in 2015 in Forest, Virginia.

Working on land rented from our family in Forest, our team’s goal is to enhance our farm ecosystem by producing the most nourishing food in Lynchburg. Our produce is grown in living soil with no synthetic sprays whatsoever.  In our on-farm cottage bakery, we use traditional and artisan techniques to bake wood-fired sourdough bread using stone-milled flour and other local ingredients.


Our Team

Arden Jones
Owner and Farm Manager

Arden grew up visiting her grandparents at the farm and came to sustainable agriculture after studying entomology and ecology. She leads our produce, flower, and live plant operations. After a day's work she is cooking a hearty meal, singing a folk tune or running the circular saw.

Michael Grantz
Baker and Admin Manager

Hailing from Louisville Kentucky, Michael leads all things grain-related on the farm. He is a self-taught baker who brings his passion for soil health to the table by growing wheat, rye, corn for our breads. Off the farm, you can find him out on a run or listening to a favorite history podcast.

Allison Franklin
Harvest crew leader & marketing guru

Allison Franklin is a Georgia native and has been part of the team since 2021. She leads the crew on harvest days and is our lead marketing guru. Allison writes the fun newsletters we send every week and assists at the farmers markets.

Marci Perez
Harverster & flower arranger

Marci Perez has been part of the team since 2021 and enjoys making art and music when she isn’t outdoors. She takes on a variety of tasks on the farm including harvesting, flower arranging, and sometimes helps out in the bakery too!