Great Day Gardens

Back at Market: Newsletter February 1, 2022

We plan to go to Lynchburg Community Market on Saturday. For the month of February we will still be deciding on a week-to-week basis depending on the weather, but it looks decent this weekend! You can order online to pick up at market this weekend.

In the Greenhouse

The greenhouse is starting to fill up and some of our transplants are getting close to going in the ground. We will be clearing out some fall-planted crops in the tunnels and transitioning to a quick spring crop before the tomatoes and cucumbers take them over. Some beds we interplant (example: head lettuce and tomatoes) so that we can make the most of the space. Our first itty bitty tomatoes have germinated and will go in the ground in our heated tunnel in about 6 weeks! Our new greenhouse benches are working nicely. We were able to repurpose more of an old wood fence we had to take out when we put in the deer fence. They keep the plants up higher off the ground so they can get better airflow, more sunlight, farther from mice, and of course protection from a cruising toddler.

Project Progress

We’ve been moving around our work flow this winter, including rebuilding our walk-in cooler (left) to expand to a 2 room structure connected by a window so that we can have 2 temperature zones that are cooled by the same unit. It should also help that it’s out of the hot barn and under the shade of a small tree also! We’ve also moved our seed collection to a refrigerator on the farm so we don’t have to go all the way back home when we forget a jar of seeds. It seems simple, but sometimes it takes the quiet of winter to make these little changes.