Great Day Gardens

Markets, Logos and More

Greetings all, apologies for taking our time since the last update. We’ve been busy preparing things for the season and taking time to enjoy cold days inside, getting good nights of sleep (these may become scarce in a couple weeks when we have to heat the greenhouse every night), and the run of good weather we’ve had for the past few days.

The first news is that we now have our first market for the season scheduled! We will be selling bread and other baked goods at the Forest Farmers Market in Forest, VA (right behind the Forest Public Library) on Saturday February 21. This will be Michael’s first run at “production” scale baking on his own, and we’re excited to feature a cornmeal loaf made with our very own heirloom corn from last season.

Despite our initial thoughts to the contrary, last week we learned that the Merrywood kitchen is eligible for state inspection. We’ve now begun the process of certification, which is just a little bit of paperwork, cash, and the inspection itself. This means that soon, we will be able to sell our breads and other prepared foods both at the farmers market and wholesale to restaurants or groceries. Foods we’re considering making include hummus, peanut butter, apple cider vinegar, and other healthy pantry-stuffers.

We also have a logo! Thanks to Henry Jones/HBJ Designs for the excellent work.


The ducks are just about fully grown, but the first trickling of eggs is still about 2 months away. Right now they are simply enjoying the weather and good rest (we finally removed the heat lamp), completely ignorant of their reproductive duties to come! We have noticed them behaving more independently and being less afraid of humans as they grow older. Their bills are gradually producing a lower and lower quacking noise, and our next step is to come up with some kind of small pond for them to play in.

Well… back to the farm. See you soon!