CSA Deposit (2023)

$25.00 plus tax

Your deposit to join the 2023 CSA program.

2023 CSA Signup Form!

To become a 2023 CSA member, please fill out the form below. Then add the "CSA Deposit" product to your online cart and check out. Please note the full share details are still forthcoming! Expect to here more details about options, price and billing over the winter.

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We are now accepting signups for the 2023 CSA season! Whether you are a veteran veggie fanatic or looking to try CSA for the first time, you can sign up or renew your membership by adding this item to your cart, here on our online store. $25 reserves your spot, with full details and options coming over the winter. You can learn what to expect by reading about our 2022 share program below.

The 2022 CSA program runs for 25 weeks from May 4 – October 26, with 1 week vacation in the middle (Aug. 3). Pickup is either at the Great Day Gardens Farm Market in Forest (3-5 PM) or at the Boonsboro Rd drive-through (4:30-5:30PM) every Wednesday. Before joining the CSA, please make sure you understand the program by reading the CSA Information Page.

While the season doesn’t begin until May, we are already taking signups! In 2022 our CSA filled up, so make sure to reserve your spot! Prices below do not include Virginia sales tax.

Vegetable Share:

Designed to provide a good variety of produce to a family of 4-5, though 2 vegetable enthusiasts could eat it up on their own. Includes 6-12 seasonal vegetables (on average $25 retail value per week). You can expect to receive lots of greens in the spring and fall, and lots of tomatoes, peppers, and squash in the summer. Salad greens will be very consistent the entire season.  Most shares include: an herb bunch, a salad green, a cooking green, a storage crop (i.e. onions, potatoes, winter squash), a root vegetable (i.e. radishes, carrots, beets, turnips), and variety of summer fruits (i.e. tomatoes, squash, beans, peas, okra, eggplant).  We often will have a choice between two items (ex: parsley OR cilantro, kale OR Swiss chard), though this is on a first-come-first-serve basis and we cannot guarantee your first pick. Though you will not ever receive the exact same bag of vegetables in two consecutive weeks, we try to have some consistency so that members know what to expect and aren’t stuck with just unusual items they don’t know how to cook. Full cost: $625.00

Bread Share:

Members receive one bread item per week, baker’s choice. The bread is made using a sourdough culture, simple ingredients, and baked in a wood-fired oven. Many loaves are vegan with no sugar added, but some contain dairy, sunflower oil, or natural sweeteners. In 2022 we are deepening our commitment to sourcing quality locally-produced ingredients, and you may notice a small price increase to reflect this. To give you an idea of what to expect, our 2021 selection included: Pain au Levain, Farmhouse Wheat, Walnut Raisin, Multigrain, Honey Oatmeal, Forest Corn, Garlic Herb, Blueberry Walnut, Onion Jalapeno Cheddar, Pan di Cioccolato, Sesame Rye, Bagels, and Burger Buns. Full cost: $175 for one loaf per week.

Restoration Acres Farm Chicken Share:

We love connecting with this farm which does a wonderful job producing healthy and delicious pasture-raised animal products. We have eaten for an entire week from one of their chickens, which are full of flavor and nutrients and make a delicious broth. This will be their fourth year as part of the CSA, check out their website for more information. Chickens are raised on pasture, non-GMO feed and moved daily to fresh grass. Cost: $499 for one whole chicken per week, averaging between 4.5 and 5 pounds.

Egg Share: Sold out!

These eggs are laid by our own Black Australorp chickens who have access to plenty of pasture right in our backyard. In addition to their foraged bugs and grasses, we feed them a locally grown non-GMO feed and scraps from the farm and bakery. We have a limited supply of egg shares! You can learn more about them here. Cost: $162.50 for one dozen eggs per week.

Flower Share: 

Flowers grown on our farm, a bouquet featuring seasonal blooms and greenery. Long lasting bunches will keep your table decorated all season! Cost: $250  for one flower bouquet per week. Note: we are requiring a minimum number of flower share sign-ups, so if we don’t get enough we may be cancelling the flower share.