Neighbor Loaf- Donate a loaf!

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One loaf, donated to Society of St. Andrew gleaning organization.

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The Neighbor Loaf is a unique way to support local farmers while ensuring that people throughout our region have access to important staple foods. 

When our order tally gets up to 32, we mix, ferment, shape, ferment, bake, and pack a batch of Neighbor Loaves made with locally grown organic grain. Neighbor Loaves will be sent to the gleaning organization Society of St. Andrew for distribution to community members in need of bread. Note these loaves are for a donation and not for you personally, but you can feel the joy of sharing by adding as many to your cart as you would like.

This triple whammy of an opportunity achieves so many things at once:

  • Supports area grain farmers that are protecting our natural resources and fueling thriving rural economies.
  • Keeps mill and bakery staff employed and rent paid.
  • Feeds community members healthful, locally produced bread. 

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