Rolled Oats (1.5 lb.)

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One 1.5 lb. bag of rolled oats.

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Originally a secondary crop (read: weed) of the fertile crescent, the humble oat eventually migrated to northern climes where it thrived in the cool, wet summers. It found a following among the people there as a porridge and the rest is history.

Streaker oats are bred to have a loose hull that is easily removed during harvest, therefore requiring no specialized dehulling equipment. This makes growing oats more viable for the small farms that we like to source our grains from. Occasionally a seed will slip through the combine with it’s hull intact and you may find a few of these harmless bits of plant fiber in your cooking pot. When you add cold water and give a quick stir, they will float readily to the surface where a quick skim will remove them.

Package Size: 1.5 lbs.

Grown by Hanging Rock Hay and Grain, Loudoun County VA