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Put Some Plants to Bed: Newsletter March 15, 2022

Plants are Live
With luck and a little bit of kerosene, we were able to keep the greenhouse warm and only lost a few tomato plants during the 19 degree night this weekend! We are excited to announce we have the first of our spring garden starts up on the online store.
Bed Preppin’: How ToUse last year’s soil test to understand what soil amendments are needed for this season. Use tools such as broad fork, wheel hoe and the Iconoclast (a battery powered tiller from Neversink Farms), to break apart the soil.Set up irrigation using drip tapeLay down landscape fabric to prevent weeds from creeping into your bedPlant seedlings and watch them grow!

Planting ProgressPlanted this week: Baby Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Leeks, Collard Greens and Beets.