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We’ve Got Greens: Newsletter Jan 10, 2022

Order for Wednesday
If you’re like us, you are moving past the holiday dessert days and craving fresh salads and crunchy carrots. We’ve got a beautiful selection of lettuces, herbs, cabbages, salad turnips, bok choy, and more! We also have a limited selection of bread available.

Ordering is open now for our regular Wednesday sites (we won’t be back at market for another couple of weeks).  Hope to see you soon!
Our new tunnels have been proving themselves. The crazy swing in temperatures from Christmas to the New Year is stressful for plants, but luckily our tender greens have some extra protection and warmth. The tunnels are not heated, but the plastic holds in heat created by the sun during the day and the soil stores some of that extra warmth overnight. Plus we don’t have to worry about 8″ of snow crushing the delicate leaves!